About W&B

Food and drink are more than biologically necessary, they are spiritual balms, heartfelt apologies, glorious celebrations, and tasty conversation starters. Sharing a table or a cocktail can introduce people, help them discuss ideas, delve into deep personal exploration, find business inspiration, memorialize, and take you around the world… while never leaving your own kitchen.

Hi, I’m Gemini. I love everything about food. Food has familial bonds, friendly bonds, unhealthy memories, and a healthy new appreciation for all of the above. For me, cooking and dining are also a way to meditate, let creative energies flow, take care of friends and family, and heal myself.

Yes, I said “heal myself”. Now, I am not going to pretend nor support the idea that I can cure my cancer or other illness-related issues simply by eating more lycopene or apple cider vinegar. Kale will not make it all go away. If that was truly all it took, millions of people like me wouldn’t need modern medicine. I do need modern medicine for a great many reasons, as do others. Healing takes many forms, and the practice of cooking, dining, and sharing do much to help me as I both fight for my life and try to live the best one I can at the same time.

Last but far from least of all, we all know that food and drink are a great way to get a party going; entertainment value of comestibles and libations are off the charts. Last-minute or expertly planned, no party large or small is done well without something to eat or drink.

This blog is meant to share my life. It will become personal, political, sad, happy, artistic, and hopefully be filled with plenty of food and drink.

Pull up a chair, grab a glass, and dig in.