Moving Forward

Twenty-eighteen has had an interesting beginning.

J and ran off to the east coast for the week between Christmas and New Year’s day, spending time in (read: eating and drinking our way through) Boston, parts of New York state, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.


We saw Paul Revere’s house, printed our own copy of the articles of the Federal Convention on a Gutenberg press, toured Liberty Hall and stood in the room where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and wandered the national monuments in the best way – in the middle of the night, with few, if any, people around, and a lot of quiet reverence.


The trip was, in part, a way to reset and remind ourselves that life goes on. I had just finished a six-week-long round of chemo two days before we left and, while it was tiring, trying, and taxing, it was an amazing and purposeful way to be present; brave the elements, dive into adventure, and spend some time exploring cities we had never been to together. We ate and drank and shivered and wandered, taking respite when and where it was needed; we saw old friends and made new friends; we tried new things. We learned and we read and we spent one entire day in bed when I needed it.

We lived.

Since coming home on New Year’s Day we have dealt with our share of “adulting” stress and hazards : plumbing issues at the house, hosting parties and house guests, fighting with medical insurance over meds, treatment, and needed tests; long workdays and starting a business. [Not that we ever think parties and house guests are hazards, but even the most put-together hosts will admit to a fair level of stress!]

In the coming week I’ll document some of the food and drink we shared, tell you a few stories of how it all comes together, and share a recipe or two. I’ll do my level best to break it down by city, when possible, and I’ll always find a way to make sure your hungry enough to keep looking for more.

Until then, salud and slainte, cheers to your health, and may this week find you inspired to explore something new and live in new ways that fulfill all your days.

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