Welcome! And so it begins… ish…

I have been doing this for a while – eating, drinking, sharing on social media, blogging in various forms –  but this is the start of something bigger for me. A resolution if you will, a commitment to keep it going, share everything, and tell my story. To share a cohesive look into my life with food, drink, cancer, travel, socializing, love, and making a home. Sprinkle that with a bit of politics, poetry, and general chaos… and I think we have a balanced recipe for a bit of fun.

Cancer is a fairly new development; it’s been just over two years since I was diagnosed with uterine cancer, and after two years we have faced all  sorts of new issues. It has been an extremely frightening monster to face.

Food and drink, social media, entertaining, storytelling – these are not new. I have been doing all of these for decades. My hope is to appeal to all of the readers who have found their way here for their own reasons. I want to create and share and learn from a common ground.

It’s going to be a bit random on occasion, but I promise to do my best to keep it all together and tickle whichever taste buds that brought you here.


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